Apple Secrets That Will Leave you Stunned!

Many people are in love with Apple products and for good reason. Apple provides a high-end product that leaves customers feeling satisfied when they use it. Barring a few complaints, Apple seems to be a great company all around. That leaves room to wonder what makes them so great and if they even have flaws.

Secrets Revealed By Former Apple Employees

Former employees of Apple have spilled the beans on things you most likely did not know about. Click through and find out what it is about Apple that makes them Apple. You will be surprised at the facts you learn in this list. Here’s a guarantee that you will be running to the Apple store once you get halfway through reading this.

Giant Loopholes

If you do your research on the products, there might be a way you can get out of paying for your broken phone. An employee revealed that the camera on the iPhone 6 would slowly start to distort your pictures. Now let’s say you have a cracked screen. Here is where things get interesting.

If you brought in your phone and told them your phone was cracked then now you would have to pay to get it fixed. However, if you brought in that same phone and said you know that the images eventually start to distort then you will get your phone replaced for free. No more cracks.

Be Careful Who You Speak With

There are different types of employees in the store and if you talk to the wrong one, then you might walk out of there spending more than you bargained for. If you are talking to one of the Geniuses then everything is gravy, it’s the Specialists you have to be on the lookout for.

This is because Specialists are graded on sales and add-ons. The Geniuses could care less if you bought an accessory with that iPad, but the Specialist will try and make sure you get the highest GB and the case that you do not really need.

They Know When You Lie

An employee said that it is clearly obvious when you are telling a complete lie about your product. It does not make sense to try and talk circles around someone who gets paid to know about the product. That’s like telling the police officer you didn’t run the red light but they have you on camera.

A crazy story an employee remembers is that he “had a guy try to convince me that the liquid damage was some kind of E.T. fluid from when he was abducted [by aliens]. It was hard to keep a straight face during that.”

Employees Can’t Tell You No

No matter what, an employee is not supposed to say no. This could lead to sticky situations if a customer asked a question in a certain way. If you are a wise guy and asked something like “so you’re telling me that I can have that iPod Touch for free?”, what is the employee supposed to say?

This could probably fall into the loophole category as well, but more so fits in its own lane. We’re not sure if you can trick them into giving you service for free, but you can sure have fun with them and make their day harder.

That’s Not Really “Water Damage”

Hoping we don’t have to get too much into detail with this one and your imagination figures it out for you. Let’s just say that when a customer brings in a water damaged keyboard, it is not always water. It could be some other sort of clear liquid or even maybe milk.

Just take a look at the image above. When someone is alone at night on their laptop with a face like that, only a few things can be happening. Well, more than a few things but let’s just say your mind is in the gutter and you’ll have your answer.

No Security Tags

Did you know that there are no security tags on the devices in the stores? This place must be a paradise for thieves. If the cast from Oceans Eleven were to plot a heist on an Apple store then they would walk away with tons of merchandise and the plan would not have to be too complex.

This may sound inviting to crooks out there, but rest assured that there are strategies in place to make sure it is not so easy to walk out with a five thousand dollar laptop. We’ll get into those strategies more a bit later.

They’ve Seen It All

When it is that time for you to get a new phone or laptop, the best thing for you to do is put your private pictures somewhere other than your photo library. Unless you have no problem with employees having a gander at what you have under those garments, then you are fine.

A quote from a former employee was, “the stuff that would pop up on people’s computers when we would do a data migration… when the photos imported into iPhoto, it would flash each photo on the screen as it was importing. So. Many. Private. Pics. Some things just can’t be unseen.”

How Hard Is It To Get Hired?

Have you heard how hard it is to get accepted into Stanford University? Well, rumor has it that getting hired by Apple is much harder than that! The company only wants the best of the best to keep their image of prestige in effect. There is a way to help land you the job, but we’ll discuss that later.

A former employee said, “Every single position we advertise for can receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of applicants, and the competition is tough! Those who receive a callback then have to go through several rounds of intense interviews, and then complete weeks of training before they’re deemed good enough for the Apple Store floor.”

More Than Meets The Eye

Touching back on the topic of security, there are ways the Apple employees try and prevent you from stealing. They do this thing called killing people with kindness. They also have certain people dressed as civilians who are actually employees on the low, waiting for a thief to try something slick.

A former employee, Ben, said their “loss prevention [tactic] is being friendly and engaging people in conversation. We’re trained to stand certain ways, to always be facing the front and to greet every person.” Hopefully, that trick is more effective than it sounds and they are not losing that many products.

Longevity Gets You Rewarded

Employees are valued over at Apple. That is how it seems from the outside looking in. And that assumption is backed up by the awards you receive if you stay employed for five years and again at 10 years. It seems like a small thing, but it is the quality of the rewards that matter.

Your loyalty will grant you a personal message from the CEO. Read it from this former employee. “Workers who make it to their five-year anniversary will now receive a plaque signed by Apple CEO Tim Cook, but prior to his death, Steve Jobs would sign the gifts.”

Inside Man

Like many situations in today’s world, it is often more about who you know and not what you know. That is, unless you are a teacher, the kids need to learn, not have class visits from your high school best friend. For Apple, you still have to know a ton about technology but if you know someone, that can go a long way too.

“The best way you can be guaranteed an interview is to be referred by someone who already works for Apple. It actually makes you feel incredibly respected as an employee when you see how serious your managers take your referrals.”

Kept In The Dark

This aspect must be part of the culture as well. It is said that employees get told very little about future Apple products. This could be because they do not want any employees to go out and sell any secrets to the tech TMZ. Only partially joking there, but you get the point.

“I remember when the iPhone 5 came out, we got a shipment of the newer Lightning Cables a little bit before the announcement. Even something as simple as the design of the new cable was such a secret that when they originally sent them to us, they were disguised inside of a mock enclosure that mimicked the older, 30-pin cable design.”

The Truth About Appointments

Have you ever made an appointment weeks in advance for any place of business and then when that day arrives, you get there early but still have to wait past your scheduled wait time? That probably accurately describes any appointment you have had for Apple. Truth be told it isn’t their fault. Helping someone else could be taking longer than expected.

The main reason for this, as told by the Wall Street Journal, is that most of the time appointments are usually tripled booked. That is why when you go in it is always packed! Make sure your patience isn’t bad next time you go.

Keep Your Cool!

This one might be the case for any establishment, but more so for this one. Getting rowdy with any type of employee is not a great idea in the first place, so when something is not going your way at Apple, shouting is not going to miraculously get you the answers or fix you need.

“If you act like a huge jerk people will go out of their way to put as many roadblocks as possible in the way,” says Bruce. “They’ll walk into the back to ‘see what they can do,’ but really they’ll just sit back there and make you wait.”

Stay As Long As You Please

VCG via Getty Images
VCG via Getty Images

Do you like being in the Apple Store? Well, feel free to stay as long as you like. They have only one policy and that is you cannot stink! If you like coming in just to play on the computer feel free to do so, they do not want to kick you out.

“Part of the Apple business model is getting people to return to the store as frequently as possible so that you could learn more, (and hopefully) buy more. People can come into Apple and play on a computer as long as they want and we’d never say a word.”

No Discount For You

Think about it, have you ever received a discount from the Apple Store? Well, have you? If you have, please reveal how you did so. Asking an employee for a discount is not probably going to get you anywhere. Discounts do not come around often and are offered to employees only during specific times of the year.

Must suck if you thought you were going to get that 10 percent employee discount when you got hired but then realized that was a nothing more than a tantalizing dream. Spending thousands on a laptop never felt more painful at full price… come on, Apple.

Read Before You Sign

There is a reason when you are in trouble with the law, most people would like to have their lawyer present before speaking. Same thing applies when a recording artist has to sign some sort of new deal. He or she makes sure their manager reads over the contract to see if there is something they do not like.

There is a legal document you have to sign when they repair your phone. On that document, it says that if anything is lost then Apple is not liable. That is something you need to know next time you take a trip to get your phone fixed.

They Know Quality

Any honest person will acknowledge when something is not up to par, whether it be their fault or just something they noticed. Just like when athletes have a bad game they are going to let you know their play was not amazing. There is nothing left in the dark.

“If you had an older MacBook and your charger lasted the life of the computer — you should be extremely proud of yourself. We had countless people bring theirs in from fraying where the cable connects to the power brick — and we’d just have to say they’d probably been wrapping it incorrectly or not caring for it properly.”

Now Go Tell Your Friends About It

There you have it, everyone. The juiciest secrets about Apple that have been revealed to the public. Now you know how to get a free fix on your cracked screen, just make sure you do your research first! Also remember to always keep it cool and collected with whoever is assisting you unless it is one of the Specialists trying to make you buy more than you need.

Overall, Apple is a great company and they treat their employees with respect. That does not mean that you have to try and conform to their ways. Do what you have to do from this list to maximize your loot from Apple, like befriending an employee so that he can refer you for a job.