The Most Amazing Royal Homes Around The World

Royal families capture the imagination of people all around the world. It’s fun to imagine what it might be like to live with such massive amounts of wealth and the amazing historical architecture that comes along with it. However, even some royals have decided to opt for more humble digs. Check out this list of amazing royal palaces and other places royals have called home. We’ll also get a peek at Harry and Meghan’s new summer home.

Sweden’s Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is the private home of the Swedish royal family. It was originally built in the 1500s. This palace is known for its areas that have been kept almost the same as they were years ago. Some parts of the palace are open to the public, including the garden and the palace theater. The palace also features a Chinese Pavilion which was built in the traditional Chinese style in the 1700s.

DeAgostini/Dea Picture Library/Getty Images
DeAgostini/Dea Picture Library/Getty Images

The palace has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage site, namely for its amazing architecture and baroque gardens. While the palace is considered the official residence of the Swedish royal family, some of them only use it as a summer home.

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