Proof The Most Genius Ideas Come From The Simplest Places

A good idea can be difficult to come up with these days.

However, that doesn’t stop people from trying or figuring out the next best thing since the iPad. People go as far as making some simple life hacks for others or find new ways to heat up their fast-food. The ideas are endless and we’re lucky enough to have found these ideas that may be good… or bad. Only one way to find out!

Workouts Are Dreadful

Workouts Suck.jpg

If your last name is Lee, it’s just a four-minute wall sit. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for this Olympian. He would have to do every single workout that’s listed. The amount of effort being put into this would make you want to sleep for an eternity.

Buckle Up For Safety

Buckle Up For Safety.jpg

Wear your seatbelt or else this is what will happen. Cars are getting techier these days, especially when it comes to your safety. It’s really important you wear your seatbelt so you don’t go flying through your windshield. This could save a lot of lives too.

Safe Way To Cut An Onion

Cutting Onions.jpg

It’s not a bad idea at all since it’s challenging to cut an onion without shedding tears. Here’s a tip, when you have the onion, keep your mouth closed. That way, the smell won’t go directly into your mouth.

Is there a way to eat popcorn without the bowl? The answer is coming shortly.

Locking Up The Purse

Purse Tied up.jpg

That’s some creativity right there. Locking up your purse while grocery shopping will be a huge benefit for ladies. You won’t have to worry about someone stealing your purse the second you turn your back. Maybe next time they should use a bike lock with a code to unlock it.

The Opposite

The Opposite.jpg

Bryan Cranston as Jesse Pinkman and Aaron Paul as Walter White is one brilliant costume idea. If you think about it, Bryan looks like Fred Durst whereas Aaron looks like Daniel Radcliffe with a bald cap. Never change boys, Breaking Bad was truly one of the best shows ever.

Popcorn Hoodie

Popcorn Hoodie.JPG

There is a way to eat popcorn that’s not in a bowl, and you’re looking right at it. Sure, your hoodie might be greasy with butter, but it’s still better than a bowl.

It’s painful to eat fast-food cold, but there’s a way to keep it warm. More on that later.

Double Pumpkin

Double Pumpkin.jpg

Seeing this will make you chuckle. The faces drawn on the pumpkins make this one cool decoration for Halloween. If they had more creativity, they could have cut each pumpkin and light a candle on the inside. It would look cooler that way instead of just drawing the face.

Marketing At Its Finest

Marketing At Its Finest.jpg

This might be a drunk idea that went right, but that’s marketing at its finest right there. In fact, Newstead Brewing is actually from Australia. Essentially, it’s their version of what we have for Budweiser and Bud Light. That sliding door is one perfect touch to the van too.

Heating Up McDonald’s

Heating Up McDonalds Bag.jpg

Heat warmers in cars are more than just for people. You can use it to heat up your McDonald’s, since fast-food gets cold by the time we get home to eat it.

For reasons we can’t explain, there’s an important reason why you shouldn’t order chicken at a steak restaurant. That’s coming up soon.

Hello, Clarice

Hannibal Lector Halloween Costume.jpg

It would be better if he was physically wearing black so at night, it would illustrate the costume a lot better. On the other hand, wearing orange gives this guy the option to ditch the dolly and still have a complete costume. He better have his “Hello Clarice” impression on point.

Pirates Of The Snow

Pirate Ship Made Out Of Snow.jpg

Okay, that pirate ship looks like a lot of time and effort. This person probably thought it was a snow day so they decided to do this as a part of their day off. It’s cool to see this though. If it were around Christmas time, they could have drawn out a big tree with a snowman.

Don’t Order Chicken

Don't Order Chicken.jpg

When it comes to steak, this restaurant has the right idea. Consider this a savage comment on the menu of the steakhouse. In fairness, people either love or hate steak.

Hopefully, this isn’t at a wedding because just ahead will be a cake with so much authenticity.

Beer Can In A Soda

Beer In A Soda Can.jpg

So this guy isn’t the first one to put a beer can inside a soda cup. Obviously, they wish they were the first ones to do it. This is similar to the person who claimed to have created the selfie. You aren’t fooling anybody since it could have been anybody who came up with the selfie.

Marketing God

Marketing Genius.jpg

Hear that sound? That’s Disney lawyers foaming at the mouth the second they see this. The condom wrapper came at a perfect time for you to be covered in the battle. You can feel the force inside while you’re covering up your lightsaber. Just pray it doesn’t bust on you.

Deli Sandwich Wedding Cake

Deli Sandwich Wedding Cake.jpg

You would never imagine this as a wedding cake, but, here we are now. Anything can be turned into one stacking pile of a delicious treat that’s served when two people tie the not.

Has anyone ever put a donut on ice cream? The answer to that will be just ahead.

Escape From Parenting

Escape From Parenting.jpg

Parenting has its ups and downs. Sometimes, parents need to escape from reality like this dad is doing. His toddler can’t climb over the fence and he can enjoy playing his video games while his wife is out of town for the weekend. For the dads out there, work hard, play hard.

Useful Idea For An Extinguisher

Scuba Tank Extinguisher.jpg

While this is a great way to make it blend into the wall, it might backfire the moment the building has a fire. People will be running around panicking and questioning why there are scuba tanks and not fire extinguishers. Silly people, look at the bottle! It’s red which means it’s an extinguisher. This is one clever way to add a little creativity to the wall.

Donut Ice Cream

Donut Ice Cream.jpg

It looks tasty, but there is some concern that the donut could fall off the cone when the ice cream starts to melt. However, it would be worth a try if Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins ever decided to team up and make this extraordinary dessert.

There’s Room For Drinks

Coasters For Drinks.jpg

Golf courses need to do this. It’s no surprise that golfers want to enjoy a cold one in between rounds, so why not make this available to everyone on the greens? It’s convenient and resourceful so golfers don’t have to put their drink down on the grass like they usually do.

Work Sucks, I Know

Candy Machine With Nyquil.jpg

Ever had one of those days at work where you’re just bored out of your mind? One company took it upon themselves to add pills and Nyquil to this gumball machine. For 25 cents, you can get one of three choices with the chance of passing out at your desk. Choose wisely.