People Who Were Clearly Looking Out For Humanity

There are people who do good deeds and there are people who truly go above and beyond to make life a little bit easier for all humanity. From small hacks that let you leave the bathroom germ-free to microwaves with iPhone chargers, these photos are a true testament to the people who were clearly looking out for the rest of us!

Roboto On Patrol

Dalek On Patrol.jpg

Crimes happen all of the time in parking garages and security cameras do little to help. But this parking garage robot has helped cut down on crime. We’re not sure when we’ll start seeing these guys in parking garages across the world but hopefully, it’s sooner rather than later.

Special Road Sign

Special Road Sign.jpg

Only in the Netherlands would you come across a sign like this. It’s a special road sign that is a warning for drivers whenever a waiter needs to cross the street. You don’t see something like this often, but it’s a great idea for heavily-trafficked areas with lots of eateries. North America should take notes.

For Sanitary Reasons

Sanitary Door Opener.jpg

We wish these were in every bathroom! Have you ever used one of these? There’s nothing worse than washing your hands, only to have to touch a dirty door handle right after.

Keep reading to see another ingenious bathroom feature that makes life much better.

Measurements In A Mixing Bowl

Measurement Lines In Bowl Mixer.jpg

Grocery stores need to start carrying more of this. This will make any chef’s life in the kitchen much easier. They have it for measuring cups and glasses, so it’s time that we start seeing measurements in mixing bowls too.

No Peeking

Bathroom Door.jpg

We love this and wish all bathroom doors were like it. This door seamlessly fits into a grove to avoid that awkward crack in between the door. No more feeling awkward about people being able to see you through the cracks.

You’ll find out shortly what happens when you come across a hydration chart after you go number one!

Passport Assitance

Passport Help.jpg

Even with this passport assistance, 200 hundred people will be scratching their heads saying “Huh? My passport? Hold on just one sec” then they realize they don’t have the right documents. This would be helpful at McDonald’s since people have a hard time deciding what to eat from there.

More Shopping, Anyone?

More Shopping.jpg

This would become a problem for the every weekly grocery shopper. You always say you go to the store for two or three things but instead, you end up buying a cartload of stuff. It’s a great marketing method to get more people to buy more groceries, which give the store more profit.

Hydration Chart

Hydration Chart.jpg

A hydration chart like this one is important stuff because dehydration is dreadful enough. If you have your urine at a seven, you should probably see your doctor as soon as possible.

Once your done washing up, you’ll see what dental product every restaurant should have coming up in a bit!

Red Light

Dishwasher With Red Light.jpg

A dishwasher so quiet that there’s a red light on the bottom that indicates it’s on. What comes to our minds when seeing this is a cat going nuts over the light. If it was a dog, there’s a good chance they would constantly bark up until the dishes are done.

Defibrillator In A Phone Booth

UK Defibrilator.jpg

Defibrillators in phone booths around the UK is rather unique. Instead of discarding the iconic phone booth, they replaced it for people’s safety since there are a lot of people who travel across the pond. Hopefully, they have at least one wherever you go in the UK.

Dental Necessities In The Bathroom

Korean BBQ With Dental Products In Bathroom.jpg

Every restaurant needs to have this in their bathroom. For obvious reasons, we don’t have to come back to the table smelling like death from our mouth.

Free dental products are great and all, but free diapers in the washroom is an extra bonus and you’ll see why soon!

First World Problems

Microwave With Ports.jpg

This is one of those things we hate that will love so much. Having these ports goes a long way to not having to plug your phone into an outlet. It’s right there in front of you when you’re making dinner. College students, get this on your Christmas list, it’ll make your life much easier.

On Guard!

Guard At ATM Machine.jpg

Cover guards at ATMs have become the new norm for bank safety. This helps people when they are punching in their code so whenever somebody walks by, they won’t really see their code. Let’s hope that the machine didn’t have an additional service charger for having more protection.

Free Diapers At Ikea

Free Diapers At Ikea.jpg

A perfect idea from Ikea. As a parent, it’s a nightmare when your baby has an accident in public, but the folks at Ikea are looking out for us all! Now you just have to assemble the diaper withSwedishh instructions. Kidding!

Find out what happens when you get a bizarre warning on your doormat. The result is hilarious.

Hedge Cuts For Garbage Cans

Hedge Cut For Garbage Cans.jpg

Let’s face it—garbage cans are necessary. But they aren’t the most beautiful thing to see, especially when they’re full of heaps of trash. This is a cool and natural way to shield unsightly garbage and recycling cans. Is Homer Simpson hiding in the bushes?

Sit Down

Elevator With A Seat.jpg

Need to sit while taking an elevator ride? Well in this elevator you can. We know what you’re thinking…this is totally unnecessary, right? This is actually a great addition disabled or elderly individuals who need some extra help.


Doormat Warning.jpg

We weren’t aware that doormat warning signs included the verse from the ‘Hokey Pokey’ song. We’ve never seen this before and it’s pretty hilarious no matter who you are. Is it cheesy? Ok, a little. But come on, have a sense of humor, you know this is funny too so have a good laugh at it.

Exit To Crawl

Exit To Crawl.jpg

The exit sign near the floor might be accidental, but somebody was thinking a step ahead. In case you need to crawl during a fire, you can see it. Better yet in Canada and Australia, places are switching the signs to a green running person since that color is more seeable than red.

Staircase With Bikes

Staircase For Bikes.jpg

Carrying a bike up a flight of stairs is challenging. But with this staircase, it has a small ramp where you can easily take your bike alongside you. While these aren’t everywhere, we hope to see them gain popularity. The future for bicyclists looks bright!

Expiration Date

Beer With An Expiration Date.jpg

Believe it or not, beer does have an expiration date. While that’s typically no problem for any beer enthusiast out there since they’ll likely finish off the beer way before the tasty beverage can do bad, it’s nice to have the expiration date clearly printed.