Awkward Child Stars You Did Not Expect To Be Hot As Adults

They first came onto our radars as adorably awkward children with major roles in television and movies. But a lot of these stars have really grown up — and in some of the hottest ways possible. Click through to see some of your favorite child stars that are now quite the lookers.

Alyssa Milano


Actress Alyssa Milano got her start in acting at the age of seven when she was in a production of Annie. From there, her career in acting took off and she primarily came onto the scene when she was cast as Samantha Micelli in the 1980s sitcom, Who’s the Boss?, where she played the daughter of Tony Danza. The role really brought her out into the spotlight as she became a teen idol all across America. After Who’s the Boss? Milano went on to other acting projects in film and television in an effort to shed the good girl image that she had as a result of the show that made her famous.